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About Geisheimer:

There are your standard insurance companies and then there are companies where the owner and agent isn't just doing everyday insurance needs, there are some like Bob Geisheimer who have an underlying passion for Motorsports and the needs of a racer.

Bob Geisheimer is that person; coming from a family background of an insurance company with over 60 yrs of quality service, Geisheimer has the background and abilities to bring you all the needs or your racing venture. From the smallest detail to the largest of needs, Geisheimer can get you the price, quality, and package you need to fully protect your investment.

With Geisheimer Insurance you wouldn't be speaking to just an agent, you would be preparing a plan or options with a full blown enthusiast. Bob has an extensive background in racing with not only his cars but as crew chief of KOS Motorsports Outlaw 10.5 Trans Am. There is nothing that Bob hasn't done in the Motorsports arena that you haven't done yourself which gives him the advantage of knowing your needs so plans and packages can quickly be arranged to satisfy your needs fully.

You don't need to be in Top Fuel to recognize the benefits of protecting your investment to the highest level, it's a project that should and needs to be covered properly, from the highest ranks to the smallest of needs and Geisheimer can get you covered.

If it's standard homeowners, car or just your everyday insurance needs, Geisheimer can do that and find the best plan, but also remember that the large overpriced companies that service the Motorsports or classic car area's lack the hands on approach that Geisheimer has in it's history.

Call now for you racing needs and overall protection should someday you need it and you wish you had done so earlier.

Bob Geisheimer
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