Part Two: Chassis Details, Body and Final Fit:

KOS Getting The New Ride Deeper Into Completion !!

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It's been just a little over what we expected here at gDR and Shawn himself is probably feeling the same anxiety to finish this car and stay in the running for some Quick 8 money and organization racing. Don't let these pics and overview fool you, the car is well on its way to completion and the parts are being shaped into place at a rate that only a true enthusiast could expect. Nights and break time from family is Shawn’s only recourse to get this new ride onto the track.

Some of the first pictures you'll see here is the mock up of the rear end and setting of the front cross member in place at KOS Motorsports. The Trans midplate is already fabricated to house the G Force 3 speed backed Bruno while the Trans tunnel gets fitted for the tin work to cover the drive shaft area.

Shawn took this chassis from Montana Brothers Race Cars as a partially finished piece. Shawn has since added the front clip that all 10.5 racing requires, and bent the holding area in the front of this where all the necessary lube, cooling, pumps, and fuel tanks are needed to be held and mounted.

Floor tinwork by Shawns brother Brett Zubler and all the smaller mounting tabs for the essentials like the steering column and dashboard are in place. Shawn’s seating position is already placed and ready for mounting, brake and gas pedals were fabbed in house at KOS Motorsports also. With the body off the frame you can see the detail in the way this car is formed; strategic placing of the supports and diagonals will make this double frame rail chassis work to its fullest.

KOS Motorsports and Brett Zubler are responsible for the measuring and attachment of the carbon fiber wheel tubs and tin work, you can notice the templates as they are taking shape in these figures. The tubs will be a final part as the body meets the frame soon after bodywork and primer. The underneath of the car will have a complete belly pan for high speed stability and safety, all the surrounding areas of the tinwork has been carefully thought out to promote as little wind resistance as possible. The firewall is now finished and ready to meet its transmission midplate after careful massaging. The lower K Frame from AJE Racing has been modified and adapted to fit, and keep the big cube motor and dry sump pan in its place.

The car had been shipped to Kooks Custom Headers for a complete stainless steel equal length set of monstrous 2 3/8" to 2 1/2" inch step primary pipes. Expert welding with clean precise bends and ample flanges will guarantee their necessary flow from the 710 cubes. The fit to the mock up block is perfect and the exhaust tucks neatly under the car below the drivers feet. A short steel 5 inch collector and muffler coated by Jet Hot have had room made for them in the floor design.

We had mentioned before that Shawn wanted this car to look as stock as possible with the proper front end, a one off piece that has the original angles and symmetry, there's no Pro Mod slant on this front end. The carbon fiber header panel is mounted to specific spots with small diameter tubing and flanges, A special method of attachment is necessary for bonding steel to carbon fiber. This whole frontal area must withstand many near 200 mph or over blasts while still holding its shape.

The wheelwells have begun to be stretched and are ready for final body work once the small bit has been added to complete the wheel opening Most of what you see here will either be covered in carpet or with the factory interior panels. Much of the cage will be visible through the factory glass rear window and the details of Montana Brothers welding will shine through extensively.

Since the chassis has been shot in its own color already, we're still keeping the body a secret. The frame has been painted by Shawn’s uncle GM factory pack Luzerne Blue. We still want to keep you guessing as to what the body color may be and the paint scheme Shawn has come up with.The car has already been built to what is needed and the stance set with the correct front and rear clearance, you now see it with the body off and the painted chassis in full view after its final teardown before complete reassembly.

Final touches are the Safecraft fire system, 16 volt battery, seat mounts, Wheelie bars. All the bracketry for the parachutes and the custom switch panel are in place and the wiring and plumbing is finished down to the line lock. Brake lines hug the chassis and the work on this is exceptional.

The guage array has been set in place and is ready to be covered in the stock dashboard. Over head you can see the headliner fits perfectly and all the mouldings that came in the interior will be able to be put back in place.

One can only imagine the amount of work Shawn and KOS Motorsports has already put into this ride. With the frame now sitting on a rotating jig, all the wiring plumbing and minute details can begin to bring this car closer to the engine, Trans, rear end installation for the last time. This car is coming along now quickly and expected to be out very soon either in full paint or test mode primer, Shawn is looking forward to having this beast start and make its maiden passes down the quarter mile. gDR is also looking forward to this too.
Stay with KOS As We Follow Shawn Zubler On His Way To The Motor Install

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